Bath Essentials For Infant

Bathing your baby can be exciting yet nerve-wracking. It is one the best times of the day for your baby. A soak in the tub is extremely relaxing for them. That is why most of the times they end up sleeping immediately after bath. Giving your baby a good bath daily strengthens the bond between you two. These bath essentials will aid for a smooth bathing session and clean your baby without damaging her delicate skin. Here is a comprehensive bathing checklist.

You Are Drinking Water The Wrong Way – Know The Right Way

Staying hydrated is a big fitness trend. Water helps us to stay hydrated, regulates body temperature and plays a crucial role in functioning of all body organs. With widespread awareness of 8 X 8 rule which states that you should drink eight glasses of 8 ounce (around 2 litres) water daily, people know how to […]

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